Sale, supply and installation of turnkey bowling alleys

We specialize in small and medium bowling centers with string pinsetters.

Bowling alley

All the electronics that control the machines, detection of throw results and display the match results is produced by ourselves in Switzerland. The machines are reliable and maintenance-free string pinsetters, which are sourced from our partners from Germany. The lanes are supplied by our European partners and expertly assembled. This combination of specialization and cooperation, manifests itself in quality, efficiency and price advantage for our customers.

Delivery and installation

We have been working for decades together with two professional and experienced European installation companies which take over the installation of the lanes for us. We organize the supply and installation of complete and turn key projects in Europe.
We also plan and implement upgrades, retrofits and conversions.


We develop and produce the scoring system OPTIKA and management system CCS-FX.

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Modern computer technology for detecting and displaying the game results. Regardless of the manufacturer of the pinsetter OPTIKA can be connected to all common types of machines.
In addition to the normal ten pin OPEN more games like: OPEN-5, Bingo, Grand-Prix and league with automatic. lane change are included by default. There are all screens supported in all sizes and resolutions. (VGA or DVI or HDMI) Own video clips or graphics, e.g. for advertising purposes, can easily be loaded to by UBS Stick or LAN. It will be displayed in any resolution and size of all popular formats (mp4, jpg ...). Optional OPTIKA comes with a keyboard console or control panel with touch screen. Multilingual (German / French / English / Hungarian and Dutch), other languages can be added.

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Centralized management and controlling system. The successor of the Center Control System-2000.
Opens and closes and bills the lanes. Provides multiple charging modes: by time, by frames or games, prepaid time, prepaid games, packages etc. ..
Remote control of the lanes: Correct Score, transfer lanes etc.
Together with an integrated ProShop covered all the essential requirements for the management and administration of a bowling center. At the end of the day, a detailed daily report is created which logs all relevant (for the manager) events. All data is stored in the integrated database and can be viewed later or be statistically evaluated.
Multilingual (D / F / E / Hungarian / Romanian and Dutch), other languages can be added. Compatible with Windows7, Windows8 and Windows10 (+ Linux)

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String pinsetter interface with integrated control:

Result detection directly from the machine, the complete machine control system is integrated and also controls the pin light, the ball lift and the automatic bumper system.
It supports 1, 2 or 3-phase motors, 110V, 220V or 380V
The system can be mounted very easily. The cable machine is connected via a ribbon cable to the interface.

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Universal string pinsetter interface:

For all other types of string pinsetters, in which the control unit is already in place, this interface is used.
Result aquisition direct from the machine control. Can be operated with 1 or 2 photocells. One interface manages one pair of lanes.
Controls the automatic bumper system and pin light.

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GS-92, GS-96 and GS98 interface:

Data acquisition interface for Brunswick GS-xx pinsetters
The results are recorded electrically from the gamesetter box. Without a camera! Reliable and independent of light conditions or pollute pins etc.
Controls the automatic bumper system.
Very simple to install, the interface is connected via ribbon cable to the gamesetter box.

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Pinsetter controllers from other manufacturers:

Optika-2 is compatible with the pinsetter control of the company SES and Technikum Kamenz
Very easy installation: A RS-232 serial cable connects the pinsetter controller to the OPTIKA-2.
Controls the automatic bumper system.

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Keyboard console:

Games selection, enter the player names etc. Intelligent keyboard, which automatically adapts to the condition of the lane.
Touchscreen or Tablet

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PinCam Interface:

Available soon: New camera based pin detection module.
Successor model of CCD interface and optics. Adjustable via a web browser. Based on Raspberry Pi-Technology

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Additional board games for bowling centers: All lanes (or selected lanes) play against each other.
Display on big screen with beamer or TV's
Easy operation via web browser
Windows, Linux or Mac. No network configuration required

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We produce Schmid compatible 5V photocells